We often think, investing emotionally for a hobby becomes an activity for people who have lots of free time. In fact, for those of you who live a stressful and busy life, a hobby is a solution to calm the mind. Think again, what activities do you enjoy and do not burden you while doing it? Or do you enjoy buying collectibles like CamelBak Bottles in various colors and models to satisfy your mind?

Having an activity that you enjoy and makes you happy to do has a positive impact on physical and mental health. Here are the positive effects of having a hobby.

1. Rest
Hobbies are activities to free yourself from work and free responsibility in your life. This is very helpful for those of you who feel drained of energy due to too many responsibilities that must be carried out. Unlike just sitting still or watching television, having a hobby makes your rest time spent on something more productive than sitting still.

2. Eustress
For those of you whose lives are not stressful, such as those of you who are out of work, hobbies are a source of healthy stress-type where we get something that makes us excited about life.

3. Social Outlet
Various hobbies have their own community. Like a golf club, cosplay group, or creative writing group. Hobbies that make you connect with other people can be a stress reliever, even a means of adding connections.

4. Inner Satisfaction
A sense of inner satisfaction is important to bring meaning and happiness to life. Even though it sounds dangdut and exaggerated, the reality of inner satisfaction presents a challenge for us to use our skills as well as possible and is in a stream that gives a meditative sensation. We forget time and forget the sources of stress from our lives.

5. Have Benefits for Health
Studies show that those of you who engage in relaxed physical activity for at least 20 minutes per week tend to avoid fatigue. Other studies also show that these activities have an impact on lower blood pressure and more cortisol.

If you want to enjoy your favorite hobby but feel you don’t have time, it seems – if it sounds contradictory – investing time in a hobby is more important to you than you think, and finding time to do it isn’t as difficult as you think.