Some Tips On Freeing Your Home From Pet Fur

If you have a pet like cats or dogs, you must have felt the dilemma between wanting to leave your pet free to roam or lock him into a cage. The first choice is the risk of sticking all objects by feathers, especially fabrics such as layers of sofas or carpets. But the second choice will also make pets become stressed. You may find it difficult to clean your sofa or carpet from animal hair, so you should immediately call Carpet Care Specialists so your carpet can look luxurious again. Here are some ways that you can practice so that your house is free of animal hair.

1. Use a Minimalist Sofa with the Right Material
Velvet, silk, or chintz is a minimalist sofa upholstery that you need to avoid when buying a sofa for your living room. This material is a strong magnet for your pet’s fur. Leather or synthetic materials like the picture above is more recommended because it has properties that are easier to clean and vacuum.

2. Hide the Carpet!
For this one, you must yield. Keep your carpet out of reach of pets Carpet made from fur and makes it a difficult place to clean because the material can absorb the aroma of your pet in the long term. The carpet material is also a trap for your pet’s fur.

3. Minimalist Sofa Cover
Cover your minimalist sofa with a sheet of material resembling a thin blanket to prevent feathers from being scattered. In theory, animal hair will be trapped on the blanket material so it doesn’t fly and land elsewhere. Besides, by using a matching color on a minimalist sofa in your home, a blanket attachment can also add aesthetic value.

4. Perform Regular Cleaning
There is no definite period to clean your living room chair. But at least it needs to be done three times a week to avoid germs and dirt that accumulate. If necessary, vacuum your living room and surroundings every day and bring your living room sofa chair to a dedicated laundry regularly for maximum cleanliness.

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