Repairing Shower Grout

When building or renovating a bathroom, make sure that every element in the bathroom is properly assembled. The gap between tiles installed on the floor and walls is often ignored. The contents of the gap called tile grout have a very important role in keeping tiles fixed while adding aesthetics to the appearance of tiles themselves. If not installed properly it could be a problem in the future and you need to regrout or reseal the shower too often. The cost to regrout shower is not expensive but it is better to have it installed properly and maintain it.

Tile grout is usually filled with adhesive material in the form of instant cement. The cracking of this tile gap filler can cause fatal damage to the tile installation, such as the release of the tile arrangement or even expansion of the tile. The repair can indeed be done independently, but you should take precautions first so that the tile grout is not easily damaged. Tile grout damage generally occurs in rooms that are too damp or dry, such as bathrooms or terraces. The reason could be due to the poor quality of tile grout, cleaning fluid containing chemicals that are too hard, and too high or low humidity levels. Not only results in the release of the tile layer, but damage to the tile grout in the bathroom on the upper floor can also cause leaks in the ceiling on the lower floor. Therefore, damaged tile grout needs to be repaired before damage becomes widespread and gets worse.

Clean the tile gap thoroughly using a carpentry tool such as a cement spoon. Make new tile grout mixture from water, instant cement and sand. The composition of the mixture can be adjusted to the product used. Carefully pour the tile grout mixture with foam rubber, then leave it for 5-10 minutes until the mixture dries. After finishing, clean the rest of the tile gap filler scattered on the tile surface. Now you don’t need to worry anymore about the damage of tile grout at home. Tile resistance can be better maintained if you choose the type of grout and take proper care. Even if the grout is broken, the repair can be done alone. But it is better to get help from a professional if you are not sure about it.

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