Nano Zinc Oxide, Which Is Rarely Discussed

ZINC or nano zinc oxide is a mineral component that is very rarely discussed, even though this mineral is very important in daily life. In humans, zinc is essential which is very influential in the growth and development of immunity, this mineral acts as a catalyst for enzymes in the body.

Zinc, which is represented in chemistry with Zn, is an important mineral found in all the cells of living things, including the human body. More than 300 kinds of enzymes in the human body require zinc as a cofactor to ensure optimization of its function. Besides, zinc is the 24th most abundant element in the earth’s crust and has five stable isotopes. This mineral can be obtained in addition to mining, in daily needs can also be met from daily food consumption such as seafood, meat, cereal, and milk.

Seeing the great benefits and abundant availability, zinc can be utilized in various aspects. Research from one of the biochemistry departments in the Czech Republic reveals that by making the mineral zinc a nanoparticle it can be effectively used as an antibacterial.

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