Basic Baseball Training For Youth

Baseball is very suitable for children because it can make them active in positive activities. Within a day, children need 2-3 hours to play baseball. In addition to being physically fit, the game also requires the best bats for youth baseball so that punches are right on target and get scores in the game. As a coach, when it’s game time, you want to make sure all the players are in each position and ready to take the game. In addition to getting blood flow, warm-up exercises help the player focus on the basics of the game right before the first throw is thrown. You can try several models of exercises below for youth baseball 9ninesports category players:

Warming Circle for the Pitcher
For pitchers, it is very important to warm his arms before he goes to the mound. However, making him throw training limits the number of throws he can throw during matches. Try a warm-up circle instead. Ask your pitcher to stand with feet more than shoulder-width apart. While holding a 5-pound dumbbell in his pitching hand, ask him to bend at the waist, leaving his pitching arms loose. He then had to make a large circle with his tilted arm, 10 large circles clockwise, and then 10 counterclockwise. While still bending, ask him to lift weights above his head and swing them back through his legs 10 times. Finally, tell him to swing the weight to the side in front of his body to complete the warm-up training.

Train with a Bucket
This exercise will make your players’ hearts pump and blood flow to help them warm up before the match. Have one player in first base with a bucket and all your other players in the shortstop position line up to the outfield. Hit the ground ball to the first player in line and have him quickly throw the ball to the first base as if he was trying to throw a runner out. After the first baseman catches the ball, tell him to drop it into the bucket and run to the shortstop line. Have a shortstop that just throws a run to first base to catch the next ball. Repeat the exercise until all players cross the line at least a few times.

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